The right metrics for ergonomics

Performance measurement can be a key to success for any operational or management process. The right metrics enable an organization to focus staff members on critical activities and outcomes that achieve the desired revenues and earnings for shareholders.
By Jack Kester 


Deploying lean Six Sigma in logistical battles

Today's United States armed forces are the strongest and most advanced military force the world has ever known. How did we get here? It was a dedication to quality through the creative, impactful employment of lean Six Sigma methodologies. 
By Chris Hook 


Affordability - a triple aim for improvement

Wherever you are on the process improvement spectrum, your solutions - be they strategic, operational or tactical - must encompass three distinct focal points: value, customer and cost. 
By Paul Odomirok 


Set goals, get feedback, improve

People with goals outperform people without goals, a fact supported by about 50 years of research. Goal-setting and feedback tools are common in a wide range of performance-enhancing kits employed by today's improvement experts. 
By Timothy Stansfield and Josh Manuel