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Is it worthwhile for IEs to become licensed professional engineers? Our LinkedIn group members recently weighed in on this question resoundingly in the affirmative, while another group member shared his thoughts on November’s John J. Oskin article, “The Folly of Deep Data Diving.”


Is it really worth the time spent to become IE/PE-registered?

“YES – it is worth the time! One of the many reasons I feel IEs should get their PEs is that you never know where your career will take you. I started out as a classic IE in manufacturing, became a simulation consultant and at one point worked for a civil engineering firm, where PE licensure was held in very high regard. If you are in construction, I imagine you will interact with a lot of civil engineering PEs, and having the ‘P.E.’ after your name will really help you get the jump-start on credibility instead of having to prove and re-prove yourself all the time.”

Amy Greer, Principal simulation engineer MOSIMTEC LLC 

“I work in construction as an IE and the PE has helped me with credibility. In fact, it can help with that in any industry.”

George P. Gardner State construction partnering and risk management coordinator Virginia Department of Transportation

“Here is what happens when you become an IE/PE: You get appointed to national committees! I have just been appointed to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Committee on Policy and Advocacy. I have also been appointed as NSPE’s representative on the American Association of Engineering Society’s (AAES) Professional Licensure Working Group. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished! Get licensed, get involved and make our profession better! No, I did not ask or politick for any of this – I was asked by the NSPE president to help lead the charge for professional engineering. If you have not begun studying for the April 2016 exam, now is the time to do so.”

Joe Michels, IIE IE/PE Development Committee Adjunct professor, logistics University of North Texas 

“You never know where your career will take you. With a PE there are many more doors open. I can tell you that I have learned to hire PEs as they are clearly a cut above people with a B.S. or M.S. in engineering. They are more professional, they bring relevant experiences to problem-solving, and PEs know their craft. I have had leadership positions in manufacturing and product development. My PE clearly helped me find opportunities that benefited my career.”

Ken McClymonds, Principal consultant OpEx Solutions 

“I have not yet regretted attaining my engineering license. I doubt you will regret pursuing yours.”

Brent Fraser Professional engineer and program manager United States Postal Service

“We with a PE, we can work in any industry!”

Andres Alva Associate director Berkeley Research Group LLC 

“I got my license expecting I’d never use it. So far, I’ve been correct. I’ve not used my stamp once. Still it has become a source of pride and credibility for me. I think the license has opened some doors (in management) just by validating my credibility.”

Brady Beckham, Owner/industrial engineer REAL Systems 

Thoughts on “The Folly of Deep Data Diving” (November)

“I do have niggling doubts that too much data can create misdiagnosis. So we call up data as we need it as opposed to calling up everything and reviewing it all. I also worry that responding to, for example, an instantaneous data point (as I suspect current machines plan to deliver) – can lead to unnecessary actions being taken. I read a report that health service screening can lead to unnecessary surgical interventions but wonder if, overall, the benefits outweigh the possibility or whether it is telling us we need better diagnostic methods or just more understanding of what the data means?

Steve Borris, Consultant and author 


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