Kevin McManus 

Performance by Kevin McManus

Running of failure
Human bodies are different than pieces of equipment. Even today's technological advances, it is difficult to run to the store and buy a new knee, stomach or brain. The dilemma lies in treating people like machines - human body damage is harder to fix than most equipment problems.

Paul Engle 

Management by Paul Engle

One executive's dilemma
A recent tour of a manufacturing company's shop floor aimed to uncover ways to improve productivity. Post-tour brainstorm appeared to have little to do with the shop floor and in fact it was creating some of this client's problems.


Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Knowledge can turn hoarders into curators
Knowledge hoarders are people whose absence will cause a process to come to a standstill because only they can move the process forward or know what to do. These people are dangerous.


Manufacturing by Paul Templin 

Pursuing excellence means pursuing competence
What applies to education also applies to industry. "Excellent" companies certainly can create products with a "wow" factor that captivates their customers, but the blocking and their tackling of competence is what drives the staying power of a company. 


Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi 

Unintended consequences of electric vehicles
There are unintended negative consequences to having electric cars. Not only do car dealers not like selling them but there are also other issues like unwritten etiquette rules for charging stations.