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Free your physicians

Scheduling often is considered an optimization problem, but experience shows that this route has not yielded an acceptable solution. How can this daily difficulty be addressed?
By James Cox III, Dr. Timothy M. Robinson and Wendy Maxwell 


Savings through shavings

Complexity is all around us, and a certain level is necessary to satisfy needs in varying consumer segments, increase market share and discourage niche players from market entry. However, the increased complexity of your organization's product portfolio can hamper profitability.
By Reginaldo A. Montague 

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Four pillars for project management performance

Leading engineering projects can be a challenging task. There is the need to guide engineering work across the organizations involved, thereby ensuring delivery of the project, all while making sure that engineering activities are undertaken according to the required processes stipulated by the client.
By Simon Philbin and Donald Kennedy 


Warehousing under pressure

Logistitics professionals who operate distribution centers (DCs) have a tough job. Management constantly challenges them to cut costs, which means doing more with less.
By Paul Dittmann