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We’ve started receiving feedback about the magazine redesign (Keep it coming!), and group members also shared their thoughts on how to please customers on a lean Six Sigma project, and what the famous chocolate factory scene in “I Love Lucy” might have been like if an industrial engineer had been consulted. There’s also a YouTube video of Dalhousie University industrial engineering students celebrating how “happy” they are to represent their school at a recent university regional conference. 


Redesign a winner

I just got my January edition with the new design. It’s great. Keep up the great work.

Vincent Howell
Horseheads, New York

New cover brings back the 1950s – and not in a good way

Today, I received the January 2015 IE magazine issue, and the content, as usual, is great. However, I have to say the cover art is sadly lacking in visual appeal. Basically, it looks like it was typed on a 1959 Smith-Corona machine with 10-point pica font.

Would it be possible to devote some resources to upgrading the graphic arts design aspects of the IE magazine cover so that the outside of the magazine is as exciting as its contents?

Lawrence L. Lynch Jr.
Memphis, Tennessee


Customer insights

Carlos H. Caceres wants to implement a lean Six Sigma project on a purchasing process and asked: What areas should be treated? Globally, what is the customer (internally) looking for besides having their goods ASAP?

Fatoom M. Al-shakhouri: “Reliability”

Mark Graban: “Ask the customer, not this group.”

TC Devrim Uluçay: “Vehicle routing”

Karoom Moh: “Do a survey with like 10 options of the typical internal supply chain customer demands. Then go to a couple of purchasing departments and let them do it. Also you’ll get better feedback from them by doing a survey.”

Carlos H. Caceres: “Mark Graban it will be definitely [be] part of the project. To all thanks for your suggestions. I ask the group because someone could have gone thru this process already. That is why this group is here for, to share learned experiences. All IEs know that projects have to be customized to their own environment.”

An IE spin on “I Love Lucy”

Steve Suggs: “I decided to do an in depth analysis of the classic ‘I Love Lucy’ chocolate factory scene using simulation. Please read ... Thanks 


IIE: Industrial Engineer redesign gets three thumbs-ups

“Love the new fresh format!”

IIE Columbus Chapter #1
Senior Chapter for Central Ohio and IIE Great Lakes Region

“Nice format engineers.”

Oscar Gwatidzo
Harare Polytechnic

“Yep, great stuff.”

Lesego Mawela
Board director
Southern African HIV Clinicians Society

SHS: Kudos for February cover story,“Eight Paths to Better Hospital Design”

“Great article! Excellent application of lean to healthcare facility design.”

Mary Ellen Skeens
Director of Solutions Consulting
Philips Healthcare


Happy in victory

Industrial engineering students at Dalhousie University were very happy about winning the “Golden I” award at IIE’s University Regional Conference for the Canada Region, which took place at the École de Technologie Superieure in Montréal. They took home the best student spirit recognition for a video, shot by Colin Liu, set to Pharrell Williams’ mega-hit “Happy.” Check it out on the IIE YouTube page, and read more about their other wins – including first place in the technical paper competition for Kaitlin Miles – at

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