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Another IIE Annual Conference has come and gone, and we have the highlights to show for it. The August issue will have a full recap, but here are some of the social media highlights. 


IIE Annual Conference 2015

John Corliss @Sustainable_IE: #IIEAnnual #sustainabledevelopment division gives back

Wiljeana Glover @WiljeanaGlover: Prof. Jim Moore: #IIEAnnual #IIE2015 is where academia learns from industry

Mustafa Ozkaynak @mozkaynak: Great new faculty Colloquium at #iieannual. Lesson #1: do not be afraid of failing (assuming you will learn from them)

Sean Genovese @SLOengineer: The conference data collection team is hard at work! #IIEAnnual

Michael Foss @MDFoss: Reminded how blessed I am to be President Elect @iienet seeing what all these great IE's do #FromHereIt'sPossible @TexasTech #IIEAnnual

The Cardea Group @cardea_group: Interacting today with some pretty amazing industrial and systems engineering students! @ohmykaithlynwhy #iieannual

IIE Columbus Chapter @IIEChapter1: Great IIE Annual Conf turnout by The Ohio State University IIE Student Chapter @IIENET @IIEANNUAL @ohiostateiieConf

Brian Green @BrianGreen_NEU: Great keynote presentation by Mark Daskin from @umich at #IIEAnnual. Proving mathematically & logically why diversity is important!

IIE YPs @IIE_YPs: Springboard your career with the winner of the Young Leader in Business and Industry Award! @IIE_YPs @iienet @Carl_Kirpes #IIEAnnual

P.Foxworthy @PFox_iie: Fun with hashtags. #inspire #ei #listen #gobeyondthedata #continuedlearning #enable innovation #systemsthink #translatestrategy #IIEAnnual

Christopher Cullum @ctcullum: Grateful to @iienet for the amazing conference this year. Looking forward to today and taking best practices back home with me. #IIEAnnual

Hans Schantz @AetherCzar: Delighted to see @iienet named an award after James Barany. His human factors class was a highlight of my Purdue IE program. #IIEAnnual

Russell Meller @RussMeller: Heading home after a fun and productive IIE Conference @iienet Facility logistics sessions were especially strong and IoT panel interesting.

NCSU ISE @NCSUISE: #NCStateISE students get ready for their sessions at #IIEAnnual. GO PACK #NCStateEngr @NCState

Linda Parker Hudson @LindaPHudson: Thank you for the opportunity to speak at such an impactful event. #IIEAnnual

Brian Green @BrianGreen_NEU: The #IIEAnnual conference was so valuable to me, both as an IE student and a leader of @IIENortheastern. Can't wait to apply what I learned!

Ohio State IIE @ohiostateiie: So interesting to learn about @ESTIEMtweets, the student-run IE organization in Europe! #IIEAnnual

Nancy Currie @Astro_Buckeye: Honored to deliver the keynote address at the annual IIE conference today. Great audience & awesome organization. #IIEAnnual #iie2015

Renee Thiesing @rthiesing: Goodbye Nashville. Great time at the @iienet conference once again! @simio

Dave Harry PMP CSSBB @pmp6sigma: Largest volume US auto plant - made 648,000 in 2014 - Nissan Smyrna Assembly plant. Great tour! @iienet #IIEAnnual

West Monroe Partners @WestMonroe: We had a great time this week at the @iienet #IIEAnnual Conference! #retail #WMPChallengeAccepted

ExecMSinHealth @ExecMSinHealth: Awed by awesome #IIEAnnual - thanks for RTs @vametlli @PFox_iie @Blueyedwonder4u @iienet Hope everybody got home safe!


Vanda Ametlli with Emily Forcke: Maximize your IIE membership! #iieannual


Leadership learned

Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International and Industrial Engineer columnist, won IIE's highest honor – the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Award. He posted his acceptance speech on YouTube at

IIE President-elect Michael Foss tweeted this photo of Tompkins giving his acceptance speech, in which Tompkins said, "I learned industrial engineering at Purdue University. I learned leadership at IIE."

No 'blank space' at the top

The IIE student chapter at The Ohio State University won the 2015 IIE Student Chapters YouTube Video contest, sponsored by IIE's Industry Advisory Board.

The winning video is titled "IE Baby" and is a parody of the Taylor Swift song "Blank Space." Check it out at

All the conference videos, including the two referenced above, are available on the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2015 playlist on the IIE YouTube channel at

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