Tools & Technologies

By Michael Hughes

Shhh! Noise dosimeters go wireless

Noisy industrial machinery can be hazardous to your workforce’s hearing.The Casella dBadge2 works with the Airwave app to allow safety professionals to monitor noise exposure throughout the workforce. 

So for safety and regulatory concerns, managers must keep abreast of workers’ noise exposure on a regular basis. That’s where Casella CEL’s dBadge2 comes in. Billed as the world’s first shoulder-mounted, cable-free noise dosimeter with Bluetooth 4.0 connections to Apple and Android mobile devices, the dBadge2’s three models include the Airwave app that captures every metric needed for worldwide noise exposure regulatory requirements.

The complete package reduces the time and costs typically associated with personal noise monitoring, along with increasing the quality assurance of noise exposure data. Safety and industrial hygiene professionals can monitor multiple workers’ noise exposure remotely, without interruption, displaying dose, status, level alerts and more on their mobile devices.

The Casella dBadge2 works with the Airwave app to allow safety professionals to monitor noise exposure throughout the workforce.Exposure data can be emailed wirelessly at any time from hand-held devices, with comments, to desktop PCs, including those operated by colleagues and clients, which accelerates productivity and cultivates a more collaborative working environment. Casella CEL also has incorporated a brighter, full-color OLED screen to make reading sampling results easier in any lighting condition. Optional octave band data capture and audio event recording gives the safety engineer or hearing conservationist every bit of exposure data needed to analyze the environment and prescribe the best possible solution to preserve workers’ hearing.

The dBadge2 is housed inside a rugged, tamperproof, sealed housing and comes in three models: the standard, the Plus and the Pro. The Plus and Pro models offer audio event recording and notes. The Pro model adds octave band frequency analysis, which helps with implementing engineering controls and in selecting proper hearing protection.

Each option helps industrial hygienists uncover dangerous areas and comply with OSHA, ACGIH/NIOSH or ISO (European) regulations. The lightweight, compact design lets employees wear the dBadge2 the entire working day. Casella CEL kept several features from its original dBadge design, including two-button operation and a half-inch microphone.

Bluetooth 4.0 enables users to control multiple dBadge2 units wirelessly from 100 or more feet away, including starting, pausing or stopping sampling, even without a clear line of sight between devices.

The system updates exposure data for viewing in real time, providing device status and noise level data before and during sampling. This helps users detect, note and avoid sampling errors.

Michael Hughes is managing editor of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.