Unlocking the service sector

For the Theory of Constraints Handbook, Eli Goldratt, the father of the theory of constraints, was asked to respond to the question: What is TOC? He defined TOC in one word: Focus. This research provides insight into what Goldratt meant by focus and how to identify the correct and incorrect actions. The simple example of a restaurant illustrates these points.
By James F. Cox III 


Avoiding construction disruption

In June 2012, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began a $46.2 million addition and alteration project at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Any construction project has unforeseen conditions, but the extent of these issues for a facility built in 1981 has been significant. This is where industrial engineering expertise in facility planning and scheduling can make a difference.
By Raymond Vetter 


De-risking your supply chain

Organizations can use qualitative approaches to risk management, and where data is available they can use analytical approaches to produce complementary quantitative results that can deliver better analysis and improved risk management. Ultimately, managers and their staff will need to act to manage risks.
By Reginaldo Montague 


The intersection of agile and waterfall

In the software world, perhaps the ultimate dichotomy is between agile delivery and traditional waterfall approaches. As an example, let’s take a situation involving a large software project for a multinational retailer. To be successful, the project needed to deliver code written by technical teams that sat on opposite sides of the agile versus waterfall conversation. And, of course, each team eyed the other’s methods with suspicion.
By Tony Grech