Kevin McManus  

Performance by Kevin McManus

Lessons from the folded cup
We are a long way from realizing a shared vision on what waste is – the difference in perspectives is still quite large. Think about your own company, facility or leadership team. How consistent is the waste definition between people? Which groups tend to be less accepting of waste?

Paul Engle  

Management by Paul Engle

Cycle time reduction speeds up service
Cycle time reduction offers tremendous advantages, particularly in a rapidly changing technical environment. This approach, developed by Toyota and applied to the automotive industry, offers value to a wide variety of industries. Service industries benefit because they can provide outstanding customer service with little investment to increasingly impatient customers.

Amanda Mewborn  

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Multidisciplinary problem-solving
Engineers can teach others about the tools and performing analyses. Clinicians, such as nurses and medical students, can teach about the alphabet soup of acronyms that are used in healthcare, as well as the processes that are followed in providing care.

James A. Tompkins  

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Reinventing your supply chain
A well-designed supply chain network can improve margins, support expansion into new markets, enhance the customers’ experience and reduce operating costs. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of global supply chains, and even easier to underestimate the difficulty of designing them.