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Fernando LamelasFernando Lamelas

Planning manager, Emirates Group
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

My role as planning manager for UAE Airport Operations consists of managing and implementing short- and long-term business improvement projects and providing capacity planning to support the airport expansion plans. Improvement projects span across various areas of the business, with a particular focus on optimization of manpower and equipment, system implementation and performance reporting. 

dnata is the air services company of the Emirates Group, which provides airlines in Dubai and other international airports with ground handling, cargo and catering services. Given its hub operation in Dubai, our primary customer is Emirates Airlines, but we also serve another 100-plus foreign passenger airlines who fly to Dubai. 

dnata prides itself on being one of the most technology-advanced ground handling companies in the world, making use of various in-house IT systems to streamline coordination and improve visibility to day-to-day operations. I enjoy the workplace diversity and the opportunity to work with people from various nationalities. This is not only the case in dnata but in pretty much any other company in the UAE. 

A "perfect day" is when I can leave work with a sense of accomplishment. This can present itself in various forms, whether I’m meeting new clients for the first time to understand their challenges, gaining agreement or support for a project initiative, experiencing firsthand the results of a recently implemented recommendation, learning some new SAS trick to streamline an analysis, or seeing my direct reports develop their skills in the workplace. 

Looking into the future, I’m passionate about operations management and the use of analytics to support strategic decision-making, gain insights to business trends and drive operational improvements. I am also interested in entrepreneurship and hope to someday open a social enterprise that brings meaning to people’s lives and creates a positive impact in the world. 

– Interview by David Brandt 

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IIE.