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The day we strive forLaura Espinoza  

Laura Espinoza

Senior engineer
Lea+Elliott Inc.
Grand Prairie, Texas

Lea+Elliott Inc.’s activities involve transportation system planning, procurement and implementation oversight. We are experienced in all modes of transit, including high-speed rail, rapid transit, commuter rail, automated people movers, personal rapid transit and emerging technologies. Our projects primarily involve airports, urban communities, business districts, regional transit and commuter lines.

I am a senior engineer with Lea+Elliott Inc. I am directly involved in the planning, design, procurement, implementation, and operations and maintenance of automated transit systems. The scope of what we do is broad, so having a strong background in project management, scheduling, engineering economy and statistical data analysis has given me the tools to do all aspects of my job.

I get great satisfaction from seeing one of our automated people mover systems transport passengers for the first time. It is exciting to witness all system components work as one to make the system run. The best part of my job is to be able to work with talented people who take the time to share their specialized knowledge with me.

A perfect day at work involves collaborating with my co-workers to solve a challenge. Our solution to any problem must satisfy the goals and objectives of many stakeholders, as well as take into account all legal, commercial, technical and safety aspects of the project. With such a diverse team of architects and engineers, having a meeting to get other perspectives on how to handle a challenge is always interesting.

This perfect day at work also involves a site visit to witness a system test. Part of my job is to verify that our clients are getting what they paid for and that their transit system has been tested thoroughly, and I take this role very seriously. There is a certain pride in seeing all the ideas developed during the planning phase being implemented to create a transit system that will take people to where they want to go.

– Interview by David Brandt 

David Brandt is the Web managing editor for IIE.