What I should have taught

Former IE professor finds out what practitioners really need
By Shahrukh A. Irani

Making 3-D futures reality

Industrial engineers will help solve the problems of additive manufacturing
By Alaa Elwany

Continuously improving sustainability

Lean, Six Sigma team up for environmental sustainability at Rockwell Collins
By Brion Hurley, Carolyn McArtor and Cal Van’t Land

Leaning a little too far

Sometimes, health systems engineers fall in love with tools at the expense of humans
By Lou Keller

Of dollars and sense

For maximum benefit, value stream maps should include cost information
By Christopher D. Chapman


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Purdue team reveals microscopic problems affecting industrial processes
  • Workplace designers could consider adding fixtures and supports to prevent fatigue among obese employees
  • Kansas State researcher: Smartphone use at work - in moderation - can be a plus
  • Roomy passenger jets cut demand for cargo-only aircraft
  • NSF award helps fund study by Wayne State research team into failure and reliability prediction
  • Make your continuous improvement show up on the bottom line by eliminating suboptimal decisions
  • Study: Improving work environment for nurses helps with patient outcomes
  • Book of the month: Vanishing Boundaries: How Integrating Manufacturing and Services Creates Customer Value, Second Edition by Richard E. Crandall and William Crandall 


Performance by Kevin McManus

Wowing customers beats tricking them

Management by Paul Engle

The seven deadly sins of project management

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

A perfect call to action

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

The why of 'decoupling'


This month in IISE news

The February issue includes details about the featured speakers at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in March and a preview of the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference, also in March; the call for papers for the International IISE Conference scheduled for July 6-7 in Valencia, Spain; information about two keynote speakers who will be presenting at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo in May; a check-in with the IISE Atlanta chapter; and an announcement about IISE's new Energy Systems Division.  

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