The transformational healthcare leader of tomorrow

Transformational changes and new strategies are needed to help the health industry meet its many challenges
By Casey Bedgood

The right leadership style can boost production ramp-up speed

Choose the right leadership strategy to shepherd production changes in a diverse and competitive climate
By Linda Limeri and Zachary Moran Leffakis

Lean Six Sigma leadership insights from Abraham Lincoln

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s management style in turbulent times followed lean Six Sigma principles
By Merwan Mehta

The environmental benefits of additive manufacturing

3D printing technology for a wide array of products can reduce the amount of waste and toxic substances
By Matt Sand

Take charge of your professional growth through self-mentoring

Follow these four simple steps to improve your skills and know-how even without a teacher to guide you
By Amanda Mewborn


Top stories in this month's news from the field

  • Pressure on caregivers extends beyond number of patients, researchers say
  • Virginia system celebrates seniors headed to trade careers after graduation
  • Chemical and water plants, power networks could benefit from increased security
  • Study shows when work problems creep into bedtime, productivity can suffer
  • Lasers help chemical treatments penetrate waxy leaf barriers
  • Canadian researchers found protecting arctic cod as simple as lowering vessels’ speed a few knots
  • Book of the month: Reverse Innovation in Healthcare: How to Make Value-Based Delivery Work


Performance by Kevin McManus

Experimenting with cognitive performance

Management by Paul Engle

Managing enterprise risk

Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Problem-solving in healthcare

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

'Dark factories' still aren’t a reality

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Optimism cuts both ways


This month in IISE news ...

  • Annual Conference speakers offer wide array of experiences
  • Deadlines near for IISE student paper, award submissions
  • IISE expands lean training across the globe
  • Ergo Cup competition to highlight AEC gathering
  • Society for Health Systems chooses new officers, staff for 2019
  • IISE Connect offers gathering spot for students
  • Sign up for health conference by Feb. 11 and save $100
  • Engineering Economist seeks research papers for special edition
  • Wanted: Volunteers for teaching awards panel

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