Making the honey flow better for a local business

Small, inexpensive improvements create a more efficient honey bottling process for a small beekeeping business.
By Tiffany Chang

How to develop an artificial intelligence strategy

Leaders can maximize their artificial intelligence strategy to change decision-making, improve customer ties and boost their bottom lines.
By Mostafa Sayyadi, Luca Collina and Michael J. Provitera

A 'unifying force' since 1949: IISE's magazine through the decades

Since 1949, and through various names, looks and formats over the years, IISE’s signature magazine has put a spotlight on the efforts and innovations of industrial and systems engineers.
Compiled by Keith Albertson

Louisiana Girl Scouts get ISE insights at Annual event

Girl Scouts learn hands-on engineering lessons and hear testimonials from volunteer mentors at a first-time Annual Conference event.
By Frank Reddy