Change leadership for healthcare’s disruptions

The healthcare industry must rely on change leadership to manage the many disruptions that have led to caregiver burnout, stress, fatigue and job turnover.
By Jeff Bean, Shay Bergmann, Jann Gao, Bethlyn Gerard, Wyatt Hockmeyer, Adam McKillop, Matt Vogl and Colin West

Determining the causes of surgical teams’ burnout

A study by a team of process improvement experts takes a systems analysis approach to identify factors leading to burnout among surgical teams.
By Viola Goodacre, Elizabeth Kwong, Chao Chin Liu, Karthik Adapa and Lukasz Mazur

Improving, sustaining access to health services

Leaders in healthcare must adopt, model and perfect a continuous improvement model to ensure care is available when and where needed.
By Casey Bedgood

Resilience and rebound: A look back at 2022

Highlights of ISE 2022 reviews some of the top stories in the magazine from the past year.