Lean lends a helping hand in developing countries

Small and medium enterprises in developing countries learn how to reduce waste and boost their productivity and bottom lines.
By Andrew Parris

Sustainable development in engineering education in Puerto Rico

Natural disasters followed by the COVID-19 pandemic led educators to find innovative new ways to provide sustainable development training in Puerto Rico.
By Circe E. Niezen and Alba J. Brugueras-Fabre

Flight to freedom forges a common link

Two ergonomics professionals – one a Vietnam native who escaped the fall of Saigon, the other an Air Force veteran turned safety engineer – bond over their shared ties to the C-130 military aircraft at a 2022 conference.
By Keith Albertson

Scrap reduction using Lean Six Sigma tools

Lean Six Sigma principles provide the answer for manufacturing operations looking to trim costs by eliminating scrap.
By Thelma Gutierrez-Villalpando, Mónica Alejandra Cárdenas-Cuevas, Estefanía Gutierrez and Araceli Zavala