The future of leadership education

Leaders such as Jack Welch have become teachers of how to enhance the soft skills needed for success in organizations. This article provides 10 guidelines that may enhance the effectiveness of leadership education in the future.
By Michael J. Provitera and Mostafa Sayyadi

A model for an optimal procurement strategy

Are companies that produce goods using an optimal strategy to best purchase their production stock and raw materials given today’s global supply chains, their recent disruptions, political turbulence and rapid technology development?
By Steve Greene

Leveraging improvement efforts to reduce hospital infections

Is improvement methodology limited to only hard dollar savings? Can methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma or ISO 9001:2015 save lives if leveraged properly? Is waste the only application for improvement or are other viable targets warranted? Is improvement only a pipe dream or can it become a reality with the right structure, process and people focus? Can change agents realize long-term improvement wins that stand the test of time even in the face of a pandemic or is sustainability a mirage that quickly fades with time?
By Sonya Floyd and Casey Bedgood