Labor pains reveal a 'systems change' for workforce

In an age when advanced automation is changing the way people work, the supply chain industry is facing a new and unforeseen disruption: Even with robots and other high-tech devices to help perform tasks, there often aren’t enough people to work alongside them.
By Keith Albertson

The automotive semiconductor crisis and the way forward

The semiconductor market is currently worth $440 billion and growing at an average annual pace of 4% to 7%. The automotive semiconductor sector is close to $40 billion, approximately 10% of the overall semiconductor market, and anticipated to grow around 16% to 17% annually. This growth is universal for internal combustion engines, electric and hybrid vehicles. Within the next few years, semiconductors and electronic subassemblies will be one of the key technology components enabling connected and autonomous cars.
By Arnab Banerjee and John Moore

Using Lean construction tools in building maintenance projects

Due to fluctuating work conditions, building maintenance projects have faced interruptions in planning and process implementation. Due to unrealistic work conditions, economic issues, lack of resources and nonresilient work plans, there is great variability in the implementation process. Businesses struggle with different work challenges negatively affecting their goals and future growth. Therefore, the application of Lean construction in building maintenance projects has gained enthusiasm in recent years.
By Mohsin Al-Taie

The relationship between industrial engineering and strategic planning

There is much confusion among business managers and industrial engineering professionals about the relationship between effective IE solutions and strategic planning. More often than not, IE professionals are not involved in the development of organizational strategic plans unless they occupy senior leadership positions or are members of the strategic planning team.
By Eli Konorti