A return to the moon and beyond

NASA engineers are guiding a key transition in space exploration with the Artemis moon program, seen in a recent ISE staff tour of the Kennedy Space Center.
By Keith Albertson and David Brandt

Supply chain myths – and why Lean was not the culprit

While supply chains’ Lean concepts were falsely blamed for pandemic product shortages, they actually can provide solutions.
By Bublu Thakur-Weigold

The benefits of advanced planning and scheduling systems

Advanced planning and scheduling systems can boost manufacturing and supply chain processes.
By Steve Greene

Achieving breakthrough next level outcomes: The case for Lean Six Sigma

A strategic approach to Lean Six Sigma can provide value to meet customer expectations.
By Casey Bedgood

IISE International – The Institute spans the globe

New IISE International webpage highlights The Institute’s efforts to spotlight industrial and systems engineering around the globe.
By Don Greene