Lessons from Latin America for sustainable, healthier cities

Latin America is a region of many challenges but also of innovation and opportunities. It is a region of rapid urbanization, with 80% of its population (505 million people) living in cities within a diverse urban landscape.
By Andrés Medaglia

Better together: A transdisciplinary approach to disrupt human trafficking

Human trafficking is a human rights abuse and a documented global issue. Although it is difficult to determine the exact scale of the problem, it is estimated that nearly 24.9 million people are victims of human trafficking (International Labour Organization and Walk Free Foundation, 2017). Although there is an internationally agreed-upon definition, national and state definitions differ over what constitutes trafficking.
By Thomas C. Sharkey, Kayse Lee Maass, Yongjia Song, Kelle Barrick, Amy Farrell and Lauren Martin

Global effort building a supply chain to the moon

It’s been nearly a half-century since humans set foot on the moon. The last of the 12 U.S. astronauts to tread the lunar dust was Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan on Dec. 14, 1972. Since then, NASA’s efforts have been focused on crewed missions to the International Space Station in Earth orbit and robotic probes to Mars and beyond. But that is about to change.
By Keith Albertson

A welcome return to face-to-face networking

IISE’s first in-person conference since February 2020 recently brought together a group of attendees and participants eager to savor the event’s main drawing card: Human connection.
Compiled by Keith Albertson