Ergonomic enhancements improve safety for airline cabin crews

When Delta Air Lines embarked on a project to improve the main cabin experience on long-haul international flights, the company’s leadership had a pressing concern: How could it make sure that the enhanced service did not lead to more strenuous activity and potential injury for flight attendants?
By Jeffrey Smagacz

Suggestion program should be more than just a box

Many companies have casually accepted the idea that listening to their employees on how to improve their work and processes is a good way to motivate them. In response to this, companies often put out boxes of various sizes with a cover that has a slit at the top and a lock with the word “Suggestions” on it.
By Merwan Mehta

HEALTHCARE TRANSFORMATION: Normal tide or tidal wave?

In 2020, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) issued a report involving hospital CEO turnover rates dating back to 1981. The report stated: “The past eight years is the longest period during which hospital CEO turnover rates were 17% or higher since the study began in the early 1980s.” Is this really real? Are the changes significant?
By Casey Bedgood

Adventures in onboarding: Launching an engineering career, sight unseen

After four years of tireless effort becoming the president of my IISE chapter, graduating Magna Cum Laude and gaining leadership roles around the university, I felt as if I had accomplished it all.
By Eva Gluck

Companies adapt onboarding to workplace changes

The COVID-19 pandemic upended nearly every aspect of business operations for multiple industries, from the office to the shop floor. One area heavily impacted was in hiring new employees and getting them quickly up to speed, a demanding task under normal circumstances made even more difficult by remote workplace requirements.
By Keith Albertson