Lean Laboratory provides hands-on IE instruction

In today’s competitive global market, cutting waste and maximizing efficiencies is essential. Therefore, teaching the principles of Lean manufacturing has become an important part of the curriculum in many fields, especially industrial engineering. The ability to map out processes, identify waste and implement greater efficiencies into manufacturing processes are skills employers seek. Students typically learn these skills in theory lectures, using computer simulation experiments or simpler things such as Legos.
By Anuj Mittal, David Adolfson, Matthew Matson, William Hudson and Jennifer McNeil

Redefining a campus tour with virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) technologies are becoming more common in different fields. These trends correspond to the maturing of the technology, the better understanding of uses and applications, and the overcoming of technical challenges. These challenges include the miniaturization of VR devices, untethering from a processing unit and the incorporation of additional sensors to improve the overall experience.
By Nayara de Oliveira Faria, Julia Leeds, Chihab Nadri, Rafael Patrick, Willie Brown, Joseph L. Gabbard and Daniel A. Linares

Student engineers team up to help heal injured fingers

The proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPj) of the fourth digit is one of the most common locations for hand injuries, especially among athletes in basketball, volleyball and softball. Common complications of this injury include joint stiffness, flexion contracture, redislocation, arthritis, chronic swelling and permanent functional loss.
By Melanie P. Lyons, Angelina Mitchell, Benjamin D. Wolin, Nasiah C. Brown, Jia Deng and Jane Bear-Lehman

Will digitization solve mental healthcare delivery?

Mental health ailments are among the most common health conditions with cures and known treatments, yet they often go undiagnosed and untreated. About 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental illness, equal to 1 in 4 people (nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults).
By Josh Heurung and Tarun Mohan Lal