Performance by Kevin McManus

Life without an ISE
I worked in multiple companies where no one had an industrial or systems engineering job title. In general, the industrial engineering moniker is becoming rare in the United States as domestic manufacturing levels slide. We had no ISE, but I was expected to lead productivity improvement efforts in spite of my job title. That worked for me.

Management by Paul Engle

Performance metrics are vital to business
The selection of performance metrics challenges many organizations because there are no documented standards or guidelines. They typically require resources and must add sufficient value to justify the effort. Metrics should provide management with insights to decide when to act and what steps to take.

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Generalists in a specialized world
During quarantine, a book club was launched to overcome isolation by connecting with alumni in the Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona. This gave alumni and the advisory board the opportunity to read a book and discuss over Zoom every few weeks. We divided a book into four subsections to “chunk” the topics into manageable pieces and give our Zoom discussions focus.

IISE Body of Knowledge by Cameron MacKenzie

Engineering good business decisions
We all like to make money to do more things and expand our opportunities. Engineers, especially engineering students, sometimes forget that businesses employ engineers to help them create value and make money. As the IISE Body of Knowledge emphasizes in Chapter 3, Engineering Economic Analysis, engineering economics focuses on helping engineers make better decisions for themselves and their companies.