Improving the efficiency of airport security screening checkpoints

Planning operations to minimize wait times at security screening checkpoints (SSCP) while ensuring flight safety with limited operational resources and rapidly changing conditions presents a challenge, but one that ISE tools are well-designed to conquer. The DHS Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) at Arizona State University has teamed with TSA to address this challenge.
By Ronald G. Askin and Jorge A. Sefair

Simulation and optimization for rapid response after a disaster

According to Our World in Data website, natural disasters accounted for an average of 60,000 deaths per year in the past decade, but given the high year-to-year variability in the data, some devastating events pushed the number to more than 200,000 in some cases. The numbers are staggeringly high when human-caused disasters, wars, and pandemics are included. With the rate at which the climate is changing, no one expects natural disasters’ frequency and intensity to decline any time soon.
By Ghaith Rabadi

Brain-to-brain communication: Science fiction becomes reality

In the past several decades, the idea of interfacing the human brain and a computer, once only imagined in science fiction, has materialized via brain-computer interface. Always looking for new frontiers, researchers have begun to turn their attention toward another audacious thought: Directly extracting and delivering information between brains, allowing direct brain-to-brain communication.
By Chang S. Nam, Zachary Traylor and Maria Mackie

Added value assessment takes Lean to the next level

Few companies have achieved the kind of sustained success that Toyota has from its legendary Lean production system. While many companies have implemented “islands of Lean,” what’s often lacking is a comprehensive system. In other words, you may have an ace pitcher on your baseball squad, but if the rest of your team and playbook is lackluster, it’s a challenge to win games, let alone a championship. So where do you get started if you want to take your Lean program to that next level?
By Jeffrey Miller