Performance by Kevin McManus

Keeping a check on virtual bravery
If you are a regular reader of this column, you probably know that I have been around awhile – 40 years in the business world and counting, to be exact. That means I am a pre-personal computer and a pre-internet industrial engineer. When I entered the work world, there were two main ways to verbally communicate at work: face-to-face or over the telephone. Phone calls were common, but conference calls were not yet in the mainstream workplace.

Management by Paul Engle

Culture during challenging times
Today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. The pandemic surprised and affected everyone, and reduced planning horizons overnight from years to days and weeks. Many organizations have enjoyed spectacular success while others became statistics.

Health Systems by Ali Hobbs

Rethinking emergency waiting rooms in pandemic
The inefficiency of emergency waiting rooms has always been a hot topic among healthcare professionals. COVID-19 has only amplified these issues, and will have a lasting effect on the emergency department waiting room structure. While examining the traditional patient waiting areas and their challenges prior to the pandemic, we must also imagine the structure of the future and learn from pandemic best practices

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

The mandate of supply chain resilience
While we can’t predict or prevent crises or disruptions, we can minimize the impact by building resilience into supply chains. Here are five reasons why this is necessary amid uncertainty.

IISE Body of Knowledge by Jon Grooms

BoK tools ensure fairness and impartiality
Work Design and Measurement is covered in Chapter 1 of the IISE Body of Knowledge ( The tools and techniques outlined can be used to develop a standardized working environment to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.