Telemedicine provides a modern shake on ancient teachings

Today, as a result of COVID-19, the Q’ero community and spiritual leaders are again reimagining and reconstructing their world. With the help of an industrial engineer and a humanitarian nonprofit, they are transitioning to a modern technological age.
By Linda Tello

The potential energy savings of heat reuse

While high-temperature heat has been captured and reused for decades, industries focus now on the low-temperature energy sources that contain large quantities of heat. Its quality can be improved by using heat pumps to raise the temperature to suit end use.
By Alaa Kafafi

Racing through a life of problems and solutions

Solving complex problems is the mission of industrial and systems engineers. And few in the ISE field can say they have faced problems more challenging than Shaul Ladany.
By Keith Albertson

Learning to see without value stream maps

The reality is that identifying product families in a large product mix is a computationally intractable problem called cluster analysis. Given the large product mix of any HMLV manufacturer, it is futile to use value stream mapping to manually identify one or more groups of value streams whose manufacturing routings are similar (or identical).
By Shahrukh Irani