Performance by Kevin McManus

Acceptable thresholds aren’t sustainable
“Warning – the acceptable thresholds you have selected for this process are not sustainable. Please select a different set of upper and lower process performance limits.” As artificial intelligence makes its way further into the management decision-making world, I wonder if the above warning will become a standard feature of an app’s “automated” goalsetting code. I will sleep easier if it does.

Management by Paul Engle

Cycle time reduction
The cycle time for vaccines is 10 to 18 years, according to the World Economic Forum (June 2). The cycle time for a COVID-19 vaccine was less than 12 months. Russia announced approval of a vaccine Aug. 12, approximately eight months after the first cases were identified in Wuhan, China. How is this possible?

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

COVID shakes up commercial real estate
While telecommuting was already on the rise, COVID-19 is causing many builders and tenants to pull out of expensive, highdensity housing areas and city centers, decreasing demand for both commercial and residential real estate in busy metro areas. With more than half of employed Americans working remotely, residential real estate in rural areas will increase, with workers requiring more space for a home office and no longer concerned about commutes.

Career Enhancement by Caitlin Kenney

The value of a PE for healthcare
For Alison Knight, PE, being licensed and working in healthcare offered unexpected opportunities. She is a senior process improvement consultant at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia. We had the opportunity to talk about how being a PE has been value-added for patients and her career path.

Member Forum by Steve Snelling

Jump-starting your career after graduation
The transition to full-time work can sometimes be challenging, and the support systems at your university are no longer available. The first couple of years following graduation can be a little tough for many working industrial engineers, even if they had good internships. You will no longer be treated like an intern; now you will just be the newest member of your work group. It may take some time for you to be accepted by all the members of your group as you earn their trust.