Performance by Kevin McManus

Know your aim in life
During a recent re-read (or re-listen) of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s last book, The New Economics, I noticed he started each chapter with a section called “The Aim of this Chapter.” Had I not read the book several times, this practice might have struck me as odd. Instead, I was reminded of the power that comes from knowing one’s mission, writing it down and striving to live it consistently over time.

Management by Paul Engle

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
During the summer, the president of a large public university responded to a question about fall semester: “That’s too far away to predict. I’m only focused on yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Building manufacturing resilience after COVID-19
The state of the global supply chain probably didn’t occur to most Americans before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. months ago. But that changed from news that healthcare providers were unable to get the personal protective equipment, medical equipment and countermeasures they needed to save lives. Suddenly, we were all too aware of how much depends on a robust supply chain.

IISE Body of Knowledge by Matt Costantino

Blockchain’s impact on supply chain management
Chapter 8 of the IISE Body of Knowledge focuses on supply chain management. Blockchain is an important technology to be used in the supply chain to provide more visibility and facilitate the process of recording transactions and tracking assets on a business network. Let’s look at how the corporate blockchain narrative has dwindled and what has evolved in the blockchain space, more specifically supply chain and transportation, over the past six months.

Member Forum by Ally DeVall

Student chapter adapts to remote reality
As president of the 2020-2021 Virginia Tech chapter of IISE, my main goals for this year are to provide professional opportunities to my members that guide them in discovering their professional passions and that educate members on how to market themselves successfully to employers. To achieve these goals, my chapter must provide both professional and social opportunities that connect members. We also need to serve as a helping hand to students who want to discover and improve themselves during these uncertain times.