Pandemic shutdown sparks innovation at ISE schools

As COVID-19 spread worldwide in early March, businesses shuttered, public places emptied and schools closed for weeks to enforce physical distancing restrictions. The impact was keenly felt by colleges and universities, where officials were quickly thrust into crisis mode. In mere days, they had to close campuses and adjust to online learning platforms while addressing the various needs of students and faculty.
By Keith Albertson

Finding sustainability lessons half a world apart

At first glance, there wouldn’t seem to be much of a connection in the 6,700 miles between a cattle farm on a South Pacific island and a startup business working with fashion clothing in Southern California. But for IISE student member and recent University of Southern California graduate Soraya Levy, both ventures contributed to her industrial and systems engineering education and her pursuit of sustainable practices.
By Keith Albertson

So you want to be an ISE in healthcare?

The roles I originally anticipated ISEs playing within the healthcare field have changed drastically and the flexibility required in this industry – particularly during a pandemic – demands adapting to a clinical mindset while staying true to ISE techniques. Without a strong tie to industrial and systems engineering, the significance of bringing this mindset to a traditionally non-ISE world is lost.
By Ali Hobbs

Overcoming the technology myopia of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a technology paradigm born out of business necessities in order to address flipping the order of competitive priorities that pushed agility and flexibility to the top. But popular Industry 4.0 literature seems to have lost sight of the business necessities and is solely focusing on technology. Most of its definitions just give a catalog of productized technologies, at best a list of use cases, describing which technologies are relevant to Industry 4.0 but missing a good holistic explanation of what it is.
By Saip Eren Yilmaz