Performance by Kevin McManus

Stop measurement abuse
Until recently, I counted on the financial market and sports for my data analysis fix. Years of data scientist hours over my career have conditioned me to hunger for lots of daily data I can observe for trends and use to predict possible outcomes. That all disappeared in mid-March. Thank goodness for the systems engineering people at Johns Hopkins who unknowingly gave me a new data door to walk through each day.

Management by Paul Engle

Reconsider your value proposition now
Identifying changing fears, wants and needs requires effort, and because of the rapidly changing environment, should be performed frequently. Consider implementing customer surveys for your own products and services and factor the results into your new value proposition.

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

CM alphabet soup and the hollow organization
Does your company use a contract manufacturer (CM), contract electronics manufacturer (CEM) or a joint development manufacturer (JDM)? Perhaps it’s an original design manufacturing (ODM) for other companies or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) itself? The choice is often made for financial reasons, but the impact on strategy, business processes, company culture and survival is complex and substantial.

Career Enhancement by Caitlin Kenney

It’s never too late for a PE
For Gene Dankbar, PE, it wasn’t always clear if he would achieve his professional engineer license. He is a senior principal health systems healthcare engineer in the Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He has worked in healthcare process improvement for over 30 years and was not sure how the PE would fit in his career path until inspiration from a colleague challenged him to complete his goal.