It’s all about time: The revitalization of work measurement

In industry, there is tremendous excitement around new modeling, simulation and visualization tools. We have all heard the term “garbage in, garbage out” – well, it is now more important than ever to ensure that the data feeding those models has been properly collected and analyzed. New technologies like GPS and time study apps provide an overwhelming amount of data ISEs can use to improve and manage business processes.
By Dave Hampton, Mark Burden and Laura Sanchez-Titko

Assessing the potential of IoT-enabled CNC machine sharing services

Machine tools have played a key technology role in manufacturing over the past five decades. The German manufacturing revolution after World War II was driven by the developments in machine tool technology. Today, many family-owned businesses worldwide work in the forefront of this key industry.
By Gurram Gopal and Felix Weigelt

Crisis sparks opportunity for manufacturing reset

The entire state of manufacturing has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and has hurt businesses and workers throughout the world. During this time, we can either let it destroy us or begin rebuilding. This can be a chance to begin a reset that is otherwise impossible during normal operation due to cost of shutting down.
By Charles Sandiford

Rethinking the foundations of ethical AI

Engineers are sometimes their own worst enemy. They will design a system with the sole intention of creating the best possible results; the last thing they want is a product skewed with bias. So how could a system designed by engineers and programmers who are opposed to bias in all its forms ever produce the opposite of the intended outcome?
By Joseph Byrum

Lean lot sizing: ELS, one-piece flow and common sense

Practitioners who design work cells often have difficulty with the related topics of lot-sizing and one-piece flow. This can result in poor work cell efficiency, reduced output and a host of frustrations for operators and management alike.
By Quarterman Lee