Performance by Kevin McManus

Measurement lessons learned

In watching leaders attempt to use data to improve performance, I have been most frustrated by our persistent cultural desire to let production win at the expense of either quality or safety (imagine that). What should happen when the metrics and policies for taking action seem to be ignored?

Management by Paul Engle

Stress testing for a crisis

Most federal, state and local governments in the United States planned for a pandemic about 20 years ago when serious outbreaks of lethal diseases emerged. Supplies were stockpiled, tabletop exercises were performed and consultants were hired. Despite this, a novel coronavirus has decimated our ability to safely conduct business and most normal activities in fewer than 12 months.

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Virus VUCA forces business to adapt

While no one could predict the COVID- 19 pandemic, we do know that innovative and crisis disruptions, like the rise of digitalization and coronavirus outbreak, are happening more frequently than they did 25 years ago. Here are five ways for retailers to ensure minimal disruptions to their operations and continue to meet customers' needs in a VUCA environment.

IISE Body of Knowledge by Brion Hurley

How lean techniques improve quality

There is a perception Six Sigma is used for solving quality problems and lean is primarily used to make processes go faster. That was my perception when I first started to learn about lean methods in 1999. It took me a few years to realize that was false. Here are some of the key concepts of lean that improve quality.