Restarting companies and the economy

The COVID-19 pandemic created impacts not seen in our lifetime. From a record number of unemployment claims to a sharp decrease in GDP and performance issues due to increased demand, this is the most dynamic, uncertain time we have ever witnessed. Government restrictions, including a stay-at-home order and the closing of all nonessential businesses, amplified a volatile situation by straining commerce and the global economy.
By Jim Tompkins

Tough times require lean – and a little creativity

What can you and your organization do to help your customers and the people who work for you right now? Here are some simple ideas based on Toyota Way principles of respect for humanity and continuous improvement.
By Karyn Ross

Tackling COVID-19 lab testing delays with lean Six Sigma

Quality 4.0 is an emerging research area and this article proposes the key ingredients for its effective implementation. Included are essential ingredients from the existing literature. The next stage of the research is to evaluate these ingredients and explore further to see if any other essential ingredients are missing.
By Casey Bedgood

The ergonomic dividends of cellular production

When productive resources are arranged into a small cluster dedicated to a narrow family of products, services or customers, we call it a cell. The concept, originating as cellular manufacturing, may also be called cellular production, cellular operations, cellular organization, cellular layout or cellular management. Whatever the name, if done reasonably well it is beneficial in most ways in which we measure effective operational performance.
By Richard J Schonberger