Performance by Kevin McManus

Doing the strategy shuffle

When most of us began 2020, we had our strategies set and improvement plans in place. Three months into the year, most leaders of large and small businesses are doing some significant strategy shuffling. While the unexpected need to shift and the uncertain futures are unsettling, we have to seek strategic shifts in work system design to help us positively leverage these changes.

Management by Paul Engle

A risk-based approach to restart the economy

Governments around the world reacted to the COVID-19 threat by imposing strict stay-at-home regulations. While effective in slowing the disease’s spread, it triggered a global economic downturn, affecting billions. As the death toll grows, how can we manage the pandemic while relieving economic distress?

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Building supply-chain resiliency after crisis

There will be no shortage of lessons learned once the pandemic has passed. Judging from my inbox and newsfeeds, many have already been learned. It goes without saying the crisis has exposed a lack of planning at the systems level. Solving one problem in isolation can be shortsighted; a basic tenet of sustainability is that economic, social and environmental issues are connected. Many commentators have shown how this framework can help us understand the current situation.

Career Enhancement by Caitlin Kenney

PE offers access to multiple industries

Ben Amaba, Ph.D., PE, is global chief technology officer, IBM Watson and Cloud Division. We recently had the opportunity to discuss his path to licensure and how it has helped advance his career.