Performance by Kevin McManus

Have a happy '5S Day'

You likely have been part of a recent "5S" day. You might not have given it that name, and it might have consumed more than a day’s time. Nonetheless, I bet you have been part of a recent sweep, sort, set in order and shine experience.

Management by Paul Engle

Crisis planning now and in the future

Planning for unexpected, catastrophic events challenges every government, organization and enterprise. As we continue to deal with and learn from this experience, how can we plan ahead?

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Don’t look back

Late last year, I filled up the last box with books I hadn’t opened in years, awards and mementos from products and programs long since completed, artwork by my kids when they were in preschool and other stuff I couldn’t part with but has no value to anyone else.

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

How we dry our hands matters

There is nothing better than soap, water and 20 to 30 seconds of handwashing. However, systems engineers know optimizing one part of a system is not enough - hand drying is important, too, because wet hands have been shown to transmit more bacteria. Additionally, proper hand drying provides an additional step in the removal of bacteria. As it turns out, hand drying is a much different story at home than in public restrooms.

IISE Body of Knowledge with Cameron Brewer

Value stream mapping in process optimization

VSM can be applied in any environment and industry. It is a lean tool used to assess both current and future state processes and visually provides a view of a step-by-step process. This tool can effectively help identify waste, reduce cycle time and implement improved processes. VSM also provides a view to material and information flow in providing a product and/or service. VSMs are a vital lean tool.