Digital supply networks transform the futureDigital supply networks transform the future

As Industry 4.0 continues to progress, innovations and the convergence of technologies open up the possibility of designing and managing the supply network in entirely new ways. Pioneering companies are already pushing the envelope of the possible, with initiatives and capabilities such as anticipatory shipping. We witness the rise of the smart, always-on, always-connected, real-time and dynamically adaptive digital supply network.
By Ednilson Bernardes, Amit Sinha, Rafael Calderon and Thorsten Wuest

Supply chains evolve rapidly to meet changing needsSupply chains evolve rapidly to meet changing needs

"Continuous improvement is not good enough. We’re seeing an evolution from what was acceptable in the past, which was continuous improvement, to what’s acceptable in the present, which is transformation, to what’s going to be acceptable in the future, which is reinvention."
By Keith Albertson

Holistic approach needed to meet digital commerce needsHolistic approach needed to meet digital commerce needs

Will the industrial engineering discipline lead the way into the computer revolution or will it sit by and watch another discipline lead the way? ISEs are equipped to be that beacon of change, but to complete this the role will require they evolve their perspective and take leadership positions.
By M. Scott Moon

Achieve lasting change through a values-driven workforceAchieve lasting change through a values-driven workforce

Intention is key to achieving sustainable change management and competitive advantage. Strategy, tactics, processes and systems are important, too, but without intention, you have a rocket with no booster and no way of leaving orbit.
By David Poirier


The journey to a PE licenseThe journey to a PE license

During my third job out of school, I had the good fortune to work directly for a PE. He taught me many things, including the rights and responsibilities of a PE. That’s when I got serious about becoming one. I was on my way to gaining the four year’s engineering experience under a PE one needs in most states.
By David B. Reid