Performance by Kevin McManus

Minutes that matter

Even though I have been an industrial engineer for 40 years and should have it all figured out by now, I don’t. I still bump into things each day that I simply cannot understand. Out of all of those items on that list, how we study and improve our use of time in the workplace continues to amaze me the most.

Management by Paul Engle

AI: Should we be excited or terrified?

Many view AI as a powerful tool to create accurate models, including human behavior, used to predict events such as the weather or consumer buying habits. Business leaders view AI as an opportunity to learn about stakeholders and make better informed decisions to address their needs. Others may seek to manipulate elections or perpetrate fraud.

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Guiding customers on a digital journey

To meet growing demands, companies must reinvent their supply chain strategies to incorporate the customer journey. In addition to employing the right strategies, processes, people and technologies, the following four elements are required to implement a true end-to-end (E2E) supply chain solution.

Career Enhancement by Lauren Schroedter

Computer-based PE exam coming this fall

This year, the professional engineering industrial and systems exam will be switching from a pencil-and-paper exam to computer-based testing, also known as CBT. The exam will still be offered one day per year in October.

Inside IISE by Don Greene

Step up your career 'connection factor'

Career paths don’t typically follow a straight line. Whether you’re a recent graduate searching for your first assignment or mid-point on your job journey, the route you take is unique to you.