Kevin McManus

Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting to know yourself
Early in my career, I was largely unaware of the types and degrees of influence soft-side performance variables can have on process effectiveness. In turn, I gave minimal consideration to such factors in my various performance analyses and standard-setting efforts. As time progressed, I experienced various methods for learning more about yourself and others.

Paul Engle

Management by Paul Engle

Colocation – is it important?
Agile resembles lean, emphasizing speed, and typically is organized in sprints where teams huddle once or twice a day to track progress, communicate changes and exchange ideas. While agile applications support virtual scrums, many insist that colocation generates better outcomes and efficiencies. The team needs to interact in person through daily huddles, working shoulder to shoulder.

Tarun Mohan Lal

Health Systems by Tarun Mohan Lal

ISEs lead shift to population health management
Hospital ecosystems have expanded their focus beyond taking care of sick patients toimproving the health of individuals to keep them out of hospitals. This concept is known as population health management and involves application of traditional public healthconcepts to understand needs of individual patients or specific groups and implement interventions for target patient populations.

Nabil Nasr

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

A push for plastics recycling
Most are aware of the amount of waste from plastic packaging, yet only 12% of plastic packaging actually gets recycled globally. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched its New Plastics Economy initiative four years ago to create partnerships with businesses, governments, philanthropists, academics and others in publishing original research to inform policymaking.

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

IISE Body of Knowledge by Sreekanth Ramakrishnan

Applying BoK to client and employee experience
Client experience is a discipline gaining traction across enterprises to understand the competitive landscape and implement features and functions to products and services. Chapter 9 of the IISE Body of Knowledge focuses on engineering management, which has time-tested practices for translating client requirements into value and highlights the need for an organizational culture to support clients.