Performance by Kevin McManus

Visions of the future for ISEs
When it comes to the future, our global social issues and the lack of an effective and cohesive national/global process for managing them concern me most. It may take a crisis – God forbid – to force a tipping point. Some of the possible futures drive by such problems are quite dismal, if not apocalyptic.


Management by Paul Engle

Internal customer focus is crucial
Lean practitioners reinforce the value generated when we treat downstream colleagues as customers and measure the ability to serve their needs timely and accurately. Failure to provide services to internal customers affects an organization’s ability to serve external stakeholders.


Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Patient care not an assembly line – or is it?
Individuals working to improve patient care processes often encounter resistance expressed as “patient care is not an assembly line” or “I don’t manufacture widgets.” These statements are rationalized with “every patient is unique.”


Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Disruptive innovations and the circular economy
Sustainability has come to mean many things, which may dilute its practical value to manufacturers and businesses. A circular economy, as a sustainable economy, not only minimizes environmental impacts, but it also prepares manufacturers to be ready for gamechanging innovations.

Harry Pierson

Member Forum by Harry Pierson

BoK a boon to design and manufacturing
Just as the Body of Knowledge attempts to define the ISE profession, the Design and Manufacturing chapter can define the M&D Division. This can be useful in recruiting potential members to the division by helping them understand how it aligns with their professional interests.