Performance by Kevin McManus

Lost in space  
We are failing to effectively implement low-cost performance improving technology. We also often aggressively pursue, and then often misuse, the wrong kinds of tech. How many companies hire a social media coordinator with the intent of using them as merely an extension of the marketing department? How many paper forms and processes are being converted for tablet use without involving the potential users in that conversion?


Management by Paul Engle

Maybe dinosaurs can survive
Is there a formula for old-line companies to survive and prosper? Our experience points to the need to be dynamic, embrace change, innovate, take wellconsidered risks and, above all, focus on the customer. The corporate graveyard overflows with companies that could not or would not embrace change or took their attention away from their customers.


Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Mass customization in healthcare
Mass customization and feedforward are ubiquitous in healthcare but perhaps not in a way recognized by ISEs. Clinicians routinely modify care strategies based on clinical findings, lab results and imaging. Or at least that is their intent. Not infrequently, the care delivered is not the one intended, delaying care and harming patients, sometimes fatally. Why?


Manufacturing by Nabil Nasr

Path to circular economy needs full buy-in
As remanufacturing, reuse and recycling become more common among corporations, so are cities and citizens joined in the common goal to create efficient municipal systems that rid waste, enable greater reuse of materials and promote a more sharing economy.

Brent Fraser

Member Forum by Brent Fraser

Titles are deceiving, and PE licenses can clarify
I once told a previous professor, who happened to be president of IISE at the time, that I no longer worked as an industrial engineer. He quickly and convincingly corrected how I view my career. We are all industrial engineers. Most of us would have to work hard to prevent our inner engineer from expressing itself, regardless of the job, regardless of the title.