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Aaron Kanne, CareLogistics, Marietta, Georgia
SHS Young Professionals Contribution: Take Charge of your Professional Growth with the Power of Self-Mentoring
As we progress in our careers, it can be difficult to find mentors. And, great leaders who would make great mentors for us are often too busy to mentor the people who request their mentorship. While there are many great formal mentorship programs, through our employers, alumni networks, and professional societies, one mentorship opportunity isn’t being fully utilized: self-mentoring. In this article, Amanda Mewborn shares her thoughts on the steps you can take to further your career on your own time. Click the link below to take a look. Enjoy!
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Esther Ramirez Aguilar, San Diego
Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
I would like to know if there is a national gov, federal, etc agency or division that requires industrial engineers in the USA?

Tamara Wilhite, Blogger, Euless, Texas
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
Irving, Texas took the lead in hiring industrial engineers and Lean consultants to streamline government. They aren’t the only ones to do so. There was an IISE magazine article on it a couple of years ago. Industrial engineers are increasingly hired as process improvement experts in healthcare. The Veterans Administration has hired some IEs in this capacity. So, too, do many hospital systems, both public and private.

John Corliss, New England Operati, PEER Consultants, P.C., Andover, MA
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
I have spent my entire career either working for local, state or federal agencies or being a consultant to such agencies. In addition to process improvement and benchmarking tasks, many policy and planning offices need folks who understand systems thinking and can support both mathematical analysis of proposed policies and simulation modeling. For example the US Department of Energy does simulation modeling to project energy demand, production and prices for policy analysis purposes.

Michael Hughes, IISE, Norcross, Georgia
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
In fact, Tamara, one of our ISE magazine health systems columnists, Peter Woodbridge, is a medical doctor who works for the VA in New Mexico. He’s one of those docs who has totally bought into CPI and health systems engineering.

Tamara Wilhite, Blogger, Euless, Texas
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
Manufacturing planners and logistics experts can find jobs in the military and as military contractors.

Theodore Mayeshiba, University of Southern California, Sierra Madre, California
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
Yes, there are federal agencies (e.g., USPS) that mandate IE positions. You also get an “override” (pay increase) if you are a PE.

Richard Watson, Virginia Beach, Virginia
RE: Are Industrial Engineers needed in gov agencies?
There are areas of work within the Department of Defense that develop, review and analyze manpower and training requirements for individual systems and organizations of integrated systems, i.e., a ship. Having ISE background is very useful in this work.

Tamara Wilhite, Blogger, Euless, Texas
Blog: Dilbert and the Art of Lean
In Scott Adams’ book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,” he argues for the value of lean as a principle in everything from decision making to one’s systems that are used in business and private life. Scott Adams’ advice on lean decision making begins with choosing the simple plan first and foremost if you have a choice. “If you can’t tell whether to pick a simple plan or complicated plan, choose the simple one … simple tasks are easier to manage and control.” Scott Adams uses the term simplicity when industrial and systems engineers would say lean. But he’s spot on that simple or lean processes reduce risk simply by reducing the number of ...

Tim McGlothlin, The Ergonomics Center of NC, Raleigh, NC
IISE President
Blog: Your IISE BOT Continues the Process of Serving Members Today and Tomorrow
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I was headed to Atlanta for our fall meeting of the IISE Board of Trustees (BOT). Following up on my last blog, let me bring you up to speed. We held a very spirited and in-depth meeting over a day-and-a-half though our agenda was not association business as usual. The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to kicking off strategic discussions facilitated by Paul Odomirok of Performance Excellence Associates. Along with IISE management staff and guests ...

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