Systems engineering topic applies to business appraisals

The September issue of ISE magazine arrived today.

After reading the introduction by Managing Editor Michael Hughes (“Putting the brakes on automation,”, I turned to Ricardo Valerdi’s Systems Engineering column on Page 26 (“Counterintuitive results … or not,” Valerdi’s topic of how intuition can be useful, yet at times lead us astray, is important to me as I perform business valuations and machinery and equipment appraisals.

They involve descriptive statistics, sorting, outlier check, Pareto valuations, histograms, normal distribution curves, sampling calculations, charts and graphs.

R. Wayne Moorhead
Moorhead Business Brokerage LLC
Leawood, Kansas

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Mutasem Al-Abweh, German Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan
Real-life Applications of Python for Industrial Engineers

Hi everyone!

So I am a fresh Teacher Assistant at the German Jordanian University who just started a course in Python. I cannot tell yet where I will be applying what I code in the Industrial Engineering field ... more specifically, in the service industry. I see customer surveys or questionnaires as some options but forms are much easier nowadays with Google Forms. What are your suggestions?

Matthew Lee, Palantir Solutions, Calgary, Alberta
RE: Real-life Applications of Python for Industrial Engineers

Here is a lunch talk I gave in graduate school as an intro to what Python can do. They are simple examples but should help you imagine more use cases.

Katie McConky, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
RE: Real-life Applications of Python for Industrial Engineers

In my 3rd year Operations Research class at RIT I teach my students Pyomo, an open source python library for writing linear and integer programs. It allows students to seamlessly merge linear programming skills with scripting skills learned in introductory programming classes. See for more info.

John Huffman, Spirit AeroSystems, Wichita, Kansas
President of the Greater Wichita Chapter of IISE
Blog: Rise of the Industrial Systems Engineer?

2018 marks the second year of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers; a change from the longstanding Institute of Industrial Engineers. The addition of Systems in our name opened the door for wonderful possibilities. Most people think of engineering as the practice of 'building things'. We build industrial systems. Increasingly, those in our discipline are being looked upon to integrate the components of industry into new systems. This includes heritage processes that were never designed to integrate with modern methods ...


Kevin McManus, Great Systems!

I am proud to say that I am an Industrial Engineer for life. In turn, I think it is super cool that Natalia Azoqa, a contestant on the newly started, 37th season of Survivor, is an industrial engineer as well. Her IE skills were so evident in her first episode performance that I felt inspired to capture my thoughts in a post. Enjoy! #iesurvivor #industrialengineering


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