Kevin McManus

Performance by Kevin McManus

To improve, don’t hold on  
These days, it’s becoming easier to rely on technology to improve human performance. But while I am getting deeper into exploring wearables, RFID and other asset optimization tools, industrial engineering basics remain a great foundation for improving and optimizing personal performance.

Paul Engle

Management by Paul Engle

Overcoming objections: It’s a process
Experience indicates that, in many ways, selling new ideas mimics marketing products. Overcoming buyers’ objections represents an important skill, and Mike Shultz of the Rain Group outlines the process.

Tarun Mohan Lal

Health Systems by Tarun Mohan Lal

Analytics holds promise for healthcare 
Will we be able to predict patient deterioration before it actually happens bedside, just like the credit card industry determines fraud? Other industries have mastered their processes using analytics for the 21st century. Is healthcare ready?

Jim Tompkins

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

In golf vs. supply chain, one is changing rapidly
Talk about a contrast: I was fortunate to attend The Masters golf tournament and the MODEX show in Georgia this year. While The Masters has barely changed over its 86 years, Modex showcases an entirely new world of material handling automation, robotics, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, drones, etc.