Performance by Kevin McManus

Did you catch it?  
ISEs need to find a way to get back to process-based, versus project-based improvement so they can better track the sources of customer dissatisfaction.


Management by Paul Engle

The four Q’s of quality  
Quality means meeting stakeholder requirements. Understanding these and measuring performance against them is the foundation of effective quality management.


Health Systems by Tarun Mohan Lal

A recipe to transition from engineer to leader   
As nonclinician leaders in the healthcare environment, it is important for ISEs to share process engineering expertise with the clinician technical expertise to produce better outcomes.

Paul Templin

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

How we wound up picking the wrong supplier  
Your supply chain is as good as your suppliers. Becoming disciplined in your selection process will give your organization the competitive edge.


Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

Decision analysis revisited  
As the future becomes increasingly uncertain, decision analysis provides a set of tools that can help us make better choices about complex situations in any organization.