We received a nice note in the ISE mailbag that put a skip in our New Year stride. A former IISE president gave us a high-five on the December 2017 issue. Thank you. We hope you're enjoying the stimulating articles found throughout the pages of the magazine and appreciate your feedback and letters to the editor. Don't forget to share your input online, too. The IISE CEO blogged that "is your online meeting place, so to speak, where you can stop by any time to build your relationships and knowledge base." Read more at 


Impressive, former president says

I just got done with the December 2017 issue of ISE. It was a great issue with good stories and a good look. Good job!.

G. Don Taylor, former IISE president
Charles O. Gordon Professor
Vice Provost for Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia

IISE Connect

Don GreeneDon Greene, IISE
Blog: Call to Action in 2018 – Connect Live and Online
"Success largely depends on the relationships you build along the journey." – Jason T. Rogers, author of Social: The Power of Relationships – As we begin our sprint through 2018 and a bright future for our profession, I am excited to blog in the new IISE Connect space. An online engagement portal for IISE members, Connect is the hotspot for information sharing and stimulating conversations; a yearround place for you to grow and shine. I hope you'll join me in this virtual space ...  

Stephen Snelling John Chessare, GBMC HealthCare System
RE: Introduce yourself!
I am a pediatrician and president of a community-based health system and have recently joined the Society for Health Systems. We are actively redesigning to reach the quadruple aim of the best health outcomes and the best care experience with the least waste of resources and the most joy for those providing the care.

Stephen SnellingStephen Snelling, The Boeing Company
RE: Organizational Design for IEs and Continuous/Performance Improvement Professionals
For very large organizations, it probably helps to have some IE & CI activities both locally (at the plant or program level) and centrally at the (Corporate or Div. level) – in order to work a variety of projects. Best not to change the organization structure too often – since this can be confusing, for everyone. A good Project Management group, with good procedures & processes, can usually do fairly good work in a variety of organization structures, as long as they have helpful management …


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"Helping the whiskey flow, Toyota style," the case study on Page 48 of December's ISE magazine, included a few errors. Glenns Creek Distilling makes rum, bourbon whiskey with rye, and a sugar cane-based distilled spirit. It also bottles rye whiskey, and the company has added an errorproofing alarm system to the stills to prevent product waste.

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