Performance by Kevin McManus

Missing the goal-setting goal   
While we might like to set goals, sometimes we don't do a very good job of achieving them. The challenge lies in improving effort towards the goal.


Management by Paul Engle

IoT is coming, and soon   
Experts agree that a hyperconnected world is a few years' away. Hopefully tools will be able to make it a relatively safe one.


Health Systems by Peter Woodbridge

Through Alice's looking glass   
Future columns will explore lessons from these experiments that hopefully will benefit engineers who want to take on the U.S. healthcare system.

Paul Templin

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

The perils of a new product's supply chain  
The new product introduction supply chain function is an intricate process that yields many results. Successful teams should produce a product like a Porsche with the reliability of a Camry.


Systems engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

The systems Columbus had to navigate  
We can learn a lot the risks Christopher Columbus took to pursue high-risk objectives. His story is a reminder that it doesn't matter how good an idea is if nobody is willing to fund it.