Re-engineering an IISE chapter

While ISEs engineer value in organizations, the principles and strategies can apply in any system and can even be applied to managing IISE chapters.
By D. Scott Sink 


Getting to good

Companies that are directly or indirectly regulated by the FDA often rely on IE principles to ensure a high degree of safety and reliability for their products.
By Daniel C. Rubenstein 


Gain speed by losing tools

Executives must know that even the most valuable Six Sigma tools have limits, and when threats intensify, such tools need to be dropped.

By Satya S. Chakravorty  


There’s a method to this engineering thing

Methods engineering is an integral part of process improvement in lean manufacturing and should be a part of your organizational DNA.

By Raj Sanne  


The importance of preventive maintenance

When it comes to keeping operations running smoothly, there are two types of strategies: proactive and reactive. Which approach are you taking?

By Lars Bader