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Keeping pace with IISE in the December 2016 issue of Industrial Engineer

Holidays mean it's time to select new leaders for IISE board, other posts

Voting tolls for thee

Holidays mean it's time to select new leaders for IISE board, other posts 

December always turns IISE's attention to electing new members of the board of trustees, along with other institute leaders.

This year, IISE has partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to administer the 2018 election. Make sure that your election email reaches your inbox by adding the following email address as an approved sender: If you do not receive your election email by Dec. 12, contact

IISE members are electing four posts on the 14-member IISE Board of Trustees: president-elect; senior vice president at large, academics; senior vice president, continuing education; and senior vice president, regional operations. Voters also will pick two people for the technical operations board and two regional vice presidents. Information about regional vice presidencies will appear on the ballots for each respective region: South Central and North Central.


If you are elected, how will you make things better for industrial engineers through your position? 

All terms are three years, and the president-elect transitions to serve as president during the second year and immediate past president during the third year.

Professional IISE members will be emailed an election-specific password, known as an e-signature, Dec.11, along with instructions for casting an electronic ballot. IISE must have members' current email addresses for this process. To make sure IISE has your correct email address, go to, select the "Membership" tab and scroll down the dropdown menu to "My Membership." Then click on "Update your member record."

The electronic ballot includes biographical information for all candidates. Members who want to vote with a paper ballot must request that IISE mail or fax them a ballot. Contact IISE Member and Customer Support by phone at (800) 494-0460 or (770) 449-0460; by email at; by fax at (770) 441-3295; or by mail at 3577 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcross, GA 30092.

Web polls open Dec. 11. The deadline for submitting votes is midnight Eastern time, Jan. 22, 2018.


K.J.-(Jamie) RogersK.J. (Jamie) Rogers

Professor and Associate Chair, Department
of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, Texas

If elected, I will work to preserve, protect and defend industrial and systems engineering professionals as the gold standard for solving our critical global challenges. Most importantly, my focus will be to improve the impact of IISE and the profession. Together, we can strategically build on IISE's relationships to increase visibility and relevance, domestically and internationally. As we more clearly communicate the impact of our profession, the value proposition of IISE to students and working professionals will grow, compelling lifelong partnerships. I will leverage my recent experience as ABET president, which provides unique networking capabilities and perspective for this exciting opportunity to serve IISE.

Sunderesh HeraguSunderesh Heragu

Head, Regents Professor and Humphreys Chair, School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Oklahoma State University Stillwater

IISE is very good at providing networking and leadership opportunities. By targeting and recruiting engineers from industry, IISE can provide these opportunities to even more ISEs and grow membership. I will help volunteers and leaders develop and promote the next generation. Together, we will develop strategies to communicate regularly and effectively to the broader public on multiple media about the trends that we see emerge around us and how ISEs help exploit these trends (artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles and drones, internet of things, machine learning, sharing economy and virtual reality) for our society's benefit. Great days are ahead for our beloved institute.

Senior vice president at large – Academics

Leslie F. MonplaisirLeslie F. Monplaisir

Professor and chair, industrial and systems engineering
Wayne State University

I will strive to shape opportunities for the growth of the profession. IE is the engineering discipline least understood by industry and by high school educators. This position will provide me a platform to reach out to industry, schools and the general community to raise the awareness of IE as a career and the significant impact of IE in transforming the economy. I will continue to build and strengthen our student chapters. We need to encourage strongly that all IE programs around the United States support a vibrant student chapter. Finally, I will work toward expanding membership by encouraging our younger members to become engaged and active.

Ann BisantzAnn Bisantz

Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Buffalo, New York

My wide range of academic experiences – teacher, advisor, mentor and administrator – will allow me to improve the industrial engineering profession by bringing important viewpoints to IISE that can strengthen ties between the IISE organization and academic departments, helping to improve educational programs at all levels and to increase diversity within the profession. Similarly, based on these experiences I can identify mutual ways that academic departments can be responsive to industry needs and ways in which industry leaders can advocate for industrial and systems engineering education as well as research at local, state and national levels – addressing important and timely needs in workforce development and higher education.

Senior vice president – Continuing Education

J. Cole SmithJ. Cole Smith

Professor and department chair, industrial engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

I envision two immediate focus areas from my role. One is to enhance the visibility and prestige of our meetings, helping us to infuse cutting-edge ideas into major events like our Annual Conference. I have credentials in organizing conferences large and small and have recently helped to lead efforts toward improving some facets of the Annual Conference from my role as president of CIEADH. Two, I plan to make IISE continuing education more inclusive. IISE serves its traditional constituencies well, but we can reach out to industrial and systems engineers who have not traditionally identified with IISE, along with those just now becoming familiar with the field.

Young Jun SonYoung-Jun Son

Professor and head, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

It is imperative for us to keep improving our knowledge of the latest trends, tools and techniques to maintain our leadership role in the era of complex socio-cyber-physical systems. I will work closely with IISE leadership, staff, industrial and academic volunteers to develop and provide a wide set of continuing education opportunities for all IISE members, helping them prepare for a rapidly changing environment. My experience as co-program chair of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference in 2007, coupled with my service in organizing other conferences and meetings, has prepared me well for this role, and I will be a great ambassador for IISE.

Vice president – Regional Operations

Kevin M. TaaffeKevin M. Taaffe

Harriet and Jerry Dempsey Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

IISE thrives when members exchange ideas and develop relationships. A few years ago, the Mid-Atlantic Region, where I have served as assistant VP for student development and region vice president, committed to engaging its members through town halls. The response was overwhelming, and the Mid-Atlantic has enjoyed consistent participation of 90 percent of its chapters. I would like to start a monthly or bimonthly video to highlight relevant information important to all regions. This would allow any member to be on the pulse of what's going on in IISE, and it would reinforce what RVPs can bring back to their regions for discussion.

Beth CudneyElizabeth (Beth) Cudney

Associate professor, engineering management and systems engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, Missouri

My focus will be to support and further strengthen regional and chapter operations through several key initiatives, including chapter performance, value proposition and retention and collaboration. Understanding the differences between student and professional chapters that are high performing, sustaining or surviving is key to determining the necessary operational resources that IISE can provide to move surviving and sustaining chapters to high performing chapters. This will make for more active members and healthy chapters. Connecting students and student chapters with industry professionals and professional chapters increases the probability that students will continue involvement with IISE upon graduation.

Technical Operations Board (TVP) (Elect 2)

Suzanna LongSuzanna Long

AProfessor and chair, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, Missouri

We live in an increasingly global world. The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers is well-positioned to help our members make vital global connections, whether in industry or in the academy. If elected as a technical vice president, I hope to further the IISE initiatives of growing the IISE community to provide more comprehensive networks of interest to all members. These networks and initiatives provide value-added opportunities to more fully engage as engineers with the rest of the world in order to assure world-class solutions to complex global systems.

Mingzhou JinMingzhou Jin

Professor and associate head, industrial and systems engineering
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee

After being the president of two divisions, Engineering Economy and Logistics and Supply Chain, I will support societies and divisions to grow their success, attract new members and share best practices. A diverse and committed board is critical, and I will help societies and divisions identify quality candidates and best use existing infrastructure. Providing value to members, such as sharing knowledge and best practices, recognizing achievements and building a strong network are the key to attracting new members, especially from industry, graduating students and from countries. In addition, I will work with other technical VPs and leaders to strengthen the dialog among societies and divisions.

Aman SapraAman Sapra

Director, inventory and supply chain strategy
St. Onge Co.
York, Pennsylvania

I will help our members develop the cross-functional and diverse skills they need to be informed in today's globally competitive world through the networking and learning opportunities that societies and divisions provide. I have been a Lean Division board member, president, and board member with the Logistics and Supply Division. Three initiatives could help: First, foster cross-functional learning by increasing participation of members in events sponsored by societies and divisions. Second, focus on membership, increasing the value for academics, students and professionals by addressing specific needs for our diverse membership base. Third, boost leadership by working with society and division presidents to implementoptimal route-to-membership-involvement.

MD SarderMD Sarder

Professor and chair, engineering and technologies
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

My grassroots involvement with multiple IISE divisions puts me in a position to better understand the needs of societies and divisions. I will work with leadership to ensure that societies and divisions are high performing and provide the best value to IISE membership. I will help societies and divisions define their value proposition by creating innovative services for their members to stay competitive in the global market. Many organizations struggle to attract and retain members, and my focus will be on outreach and student engagement. I also will create an environment of listening at IISE so that we can provide the values our members seek.

Inge Marcus granted honorary membership

Widow, late husband Hal have offered generous support to Penn State, the profession and IISE

Widow, late husband Hal have offered generous support to Penn State, the profession and IISE

Inge Marcus (pictured holding plaque) was presented with an honorary membership to the Institute of Industrial and Systems
Engineers (IISE) at an Oct. 20 ceremony at The Pennsylvania State University campus to celebrate the life and contributions of Marcus
and her late husband Harold “Hal” Marcus. Former IISE presidents Alan Soyster (left), a former head of the Harold & Inge Marcus
Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, and Susan Steadman (second from left), also an IME alumna, along with
Peter and Angela Dal Pezzo Department Head Janis Terpenny (right), presented Marcus with the plaque on behalf of IISE.

Marcus traveled to the campus from her home in Olympia, Washington, accompanied by her grandson Kyle, to take part in a celebration of the life of her late husband Harold "Hal" Marcus. The alumnus, philanthropist and businessman, along with his wife, provided unprecedented support not only to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering that bears their name but also to the larger College of Engineering and Penn State community.

"Inge is very much an industrial engineer– always looking to improve and optimize in her everyday life and in how she invests in people and the future," said Janis Terpenny, Penn State's Peter and Angela Dal Pezzo chair and head of the Harold & Inge Marcus Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering.

Don Greene, chief executive officer of IISE, expressed the institute's gratitude.

"Inge Marcus and her late husband, Harold, have always shown great dedication to and support for the industrial and systems engineering profession. Their philanthropic efforts have benefitted many industrial and systems engineering students, universities and IISE itself. IISE is pleased to recognize Mrs.Marcus' accomplishments by granting her honorary member status, something we've only done 29 times in our history. We wish to thank Mrs. Marcus for all that she has done for our profession," Greene said.

Except for the Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award, the IISE Honorary Member Award is the highest honor IISE can grant an individual of acknowledged professional eminence who is not a member of IISE. Details about the award can be found at

Vinod SahneyNew scholarship named for SHS co-founder, wife

Vinod Sahney was a driving force behind healthcare society and its conference

IISE plans to award the first Vinod and Gail Sahney Scholarship next year in honor of the retired co-founder of the Society for Health Systems.

Vinod Sahney's career included work for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Henry Ford Health System, along with teaching at Wayne State University and Harvard University. He is a fellow of both IISE and SHS. The scholarship, named for Sahney and his wife, will be awarded to a student who is a current member of IISE in good standing and who is currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate industrial and systems engineering program in an accredited college or university (co-op is not considered full-time).

Each potential recipient must exhibit academic excellence, noteworthy contributions to the development of the profession through extracurricular activities, including but not limited to IISE chapter activities, community service and charitable activities. The nomination deadline is Dec. 31. Visit for more details.

Back in 1987, many people thought that industrial and systems engineers should be more involved in healthcare. Since the field differs quite a bit from the profession's genesis in manufacturing, Sahney and others worked to create a healthcare society under the auspices of IISE. The SHS Conference, now the Health Systems Process Improvement Conference, followed. The 2018 HSPI Conference is scheduled for Feb. 21-23 at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Atlanta. See for more details.

Donations to IISE pay off in the futureDonations to IISE pay off in the future

Giving now or giving later will boost profession, help students today follow your footsteps

The end of the year is a time when many people focus on two things: giving and lowering their tax bills.

IISE offers options for both – both now and in the future. Donating to either the IISE Scholarship Fund or the IISE Foundation offers tax deductions now, while giving via your will won't cost anything now. Donors also can name the foundation or scholarship as the beneficiary of retirement plans or life insurance, as well as stock transfers. Credit card charges are deductible in the year they are given/charged, even if you don't pay the credit card bill until the next year. IISE will mail you a receipt as soon as the institute receives your gift. The money will support initiatives that promote the profession and help industrial and systems engineering students through scholarships. Donors can choose how their gift will be used.

"By making a gift to the IISE Foundation or the IISE Scholarship Fund, you will show through your support that you believe in your profession and that you understand the importance of helping those following along the ISE career path behind you," said Donna Calvert, IISE's chief operating officer.

"Whether you consider a major bequest, an annual contribution or a one-time gift, IISE can help you put your money where it helps the most. Through planned giving today you can make a significant change in the future of industrial and systems engineering tomorrow." Visit to make a donation today. IISE offers confidential assistance for donations and scholarships. Contact Calvert at (770) 349-1108 or