Performance by Kevin McManus

Weekly improvement strategy falls short   
Most companies develop a once-a-week process improvement strategy usually created by a team of individuals, but daily improvement expectations tend to fall to the wayside – what can engineers do?

Paul Engle

Management by Paul Engle

Succeeding while surrounded by chaos   
Two companies are drowning in a sea of chaos, one from spectacular growth and the other from self-inflicted wounds. How do they navigate these turbulent waters?


Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

New concepts help improve patient experience   
When patients spend time in hospitals, most are not able to judge the technical expertise of the providers but focus more on their experience. IEs should consider this when designing facilities.

Paul Templin

Manufacturing by Paul Templin

Celebrating the American factory worker  
Over time the American labor force in manufacturing has significantly decreased due to developments in technology, but as IEs our role is to bridge the gap between the people and technology.


Supply Chain by Ricardo Valerdi

A systems thinking habit: Pareto improvement  
Systems thinking is about understanding a system by examining the exchange between its components. The Pareto improvement habit is a tool is one that IEs can teach others to maximize efficiency.