Let’s truly add systems to industrial engineering

Do ISEs see themselves as system designers, implementers and optimizers, or analytics providers? The answer opens dialogue about the future of the profession. 
By Timothy Sprock and Leon F. McGinnis 


Good eats with engineered labor standards

Food retailer distribution centers incorporated standards into the retail store environment with ISEs leading a half century of success.  
By George Bishop 


CL6 allows three shots at better improvement

Organizations need three key components to remain competitive: focus, flow and stability. All can be achieved with CL6 for constraints management, along with LSS. 

By John D. Hudson Jr.  


Getting more out of the normal distribution

The bell curve, initially applied to give gamblers an edge, can now be used to compare data points or predict data percentages. 

By Merwan Mehta  


Growing or not, here comes next year

Even though the industrial economy has seen positive trends so far this year, companies should be watchful of leading indicators.   
By Danielle Marceau